Monday, July 8, 2013

Update on Rescued Kitten

Warning: Picture laden post {16 total}

{ I tried to showcase her “necklace” with pendant. At certain times, the pendant part really darkens and it really does look like a rope or chain with a pendant.}

It is time for the rescued kitten update. She just went for her second set of shots last Friday and weighed 2.2 lbs. Most shelters and vets within the San Antonio area will spay or neuter a kitten at two lbs. to get it ready for adoption asap; but, the one (and nearest) vet we are seeing does not want to spay her until she reaches four pounds. Great. (That was sarcasm.) The longer I take care of this kitten, the more I am going to want to keep her.


She is doing well. She is getting long and lanky. Her legs seemed awfully short compared to her body for awhile; but, her legs are lengthening now. She is extremely active with two speeds – fast and naps. She loves to chase her tail almost to the point of obsession and this is in spite of having tons of normal cat toys. She prefers balled up papers, strings and pill bottles over the usual cat toys. I had to give her a long leather shoelace because the one short string she found just was not safe for either her or the big cats. She loves to drag it around the house and Dan has caught her running full blast with the thing. She has also taken a huge red rat (toy) from the Bigs and carries it all over the house with her mouth. She even jumped onto our bed once and then played quietly with the toy. The thing used to be about half her size; so, that is a huge achievement in itself not to mention that the bed is a higher than normal.

{To see a larger image, go here.}

She has taken over the lower shelves on cat trees (Chessie uses the higher up ones). She loves to sleep beside me (or between us). She will occasionally get on my lap to sleep; but, it is rare. She is not much of a cuddle bug unless she is feeling needy and then tries to nestle into my neck and knead. Ugh. The poor little thing was separated from its mother way too soon; but, I am hoping she will outgrow this behavior.

{She used to fit inside this basket; but, rapidly outgrew this place to sleep.}

She is feisty and will often jump one of the Bigs at her own peril. She received a beat down from Gracie earlier this morning for harassing her too much. It looks severe and vicious when this happens; but, in reality, the kitten isn’t harmed. She (the kitten) worships Gracie; but, Gracie is not so keen on her.


I so tired. Leave me be. I am clocking out.

Going, going and gone in split seconds.

I have found the big cats and the kitten waiting patiently (or is that impatiently?) for me at the door and man, it seems crowded. But, they are all playing nice most of the time. Chessie (the elderly cat) only had to tap kitten on the forehead once or twice to put her in place and kitten rarely bothers Chessie. It’s Gracie that she harasses and with Gracie being a tripod, cannot fight like a normal cat. Kitten is beginning to challenge her and I, for one, will not stand for that kind of behavior as Gracie will always be top cat no matter what.


She often can be found sleeping in the “dump” – a basket or box full of papers headed to recycling dumpster(s) at local school



The above two images were taken with crappy phone. A couple of rare occasions of sleeping on my lap.


Taken with Dan’s iPhone; Look at how big she has gotten in a matter of five or six days!

Above three pictures taken on 6/26/2013

Her love affair with the cat tree(s).

Sleeping Beauty. (yeah, right.)
{To see a larger image, go here.}


Taken with crappy phone. I thought it looked humorous as she looked like she was walking or running on my jeans/legs while sleeping.


Taken with Dan’s iPhone. Hilarious! She has fallen asleep between us like this several times.