Monday, July 1, 2013

Macro Monday Musings {Dismayed}

Okay, whose bright idea was it for us to move out to a place with a little bit of land? Wait. It was me! I suppose I cannot blame Dan as much as I want to blame someone! I have only myself to blame. I am totally sick and tired of seeing these critters:

Black Widow Spider; 5/23/2013

{To see a larger image, go here.}

These keep popping up from time to time. On last Saturday alone (6/29/2013), we killed four of them. Yes, you read that right. Four of them.

I killed a small one while pulling up weeds. (#1) Dan killed another one (#2) that I spotted while weeding; but, was too scared to deal with it because it was huge and not quite within my reach. (When this particular one was killed, we spotted a much smaller one on the same web that was approximately two inches away from the bigger one we killed. I believe it was a male. That spider is deader than dead too. )

We had someone come out later that day to help with a water leak in the irrigation system. We do not even use the system and we thought we shut it off entirely several weeks ago because the system sprang a major leak. But, it turns out that it was not shut off entirely. Anyway, When Dan showed me the problem (leak) that was happening, I spied and pointed out some black widow eggs and told him to be extremely careful because there probably is a black widow nearby. I do not know if the guys took care of that one; but, I do know the hired guy confirmed the existence of a black widow residing there or nearby. And then, while they were walking back to the guy’s vehicle, they spotted another one near a water spigot. Dan killed that one too. (#3).

The last one was a stupid one that I spotted while looking out the back door window late in the evening. It was on the porch column. I could not believe my eyes. I asked Dan if he saw what I saw. I believe he was shocked too. He went out there and killed it for me. (#4).

I am learning to deal with them and am not so freaking out about their existence now. I am pretty much a paranoid girl anyways – I wear my waterproof and snake-proof boots along with jeans and leather gloves whenever I am outside wandering or doing yardwork. I also tend to wear a lightweight long sleeved shirt with a floppy hat for protection from both critters and the sun.

By the way, I know snakes exist hereabouts even though I have never seen one on our property which is why I have a pair of snake-proof boots. I am glad these kind of boots exist because I would never hear a warning rattle due to deafness. Anyway, how do I know snakes exist? Here’s the evidence that was taken with my pathetic phone: {Warning, it’s a nasty picture)

It was a pretty sizeable snake that was hit by a car several houses down the road from us. However, I do not know what kind it was and no way was I going to mess with it. I do believe it was not a rattler; but, it sure was huge! So, How is that for life hereabouts?