Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Week in Pictures (#24)

This was a forgotten blog draft written back in May - I was scrolling through the posts to see what I have posted and found this (along with another). I'm just going to publish this. Week in Pictures will no longer be done due to a variety of reasons; but, I will continue to share pictures I take from time to time.

{All pictures shot on our 1+ acre land.}

Prairie Flax 3/1/2013

Unknown (milkweed?) 3/4/2013

I believe I have shots of this plant unfurled at a later date. I also think this is not a milkweed plant. I have yet to figure out what they are. The bees and a few butterflies love these things though. I have to tell you that I think they are ugly in full bloom! Ha!

Make a Wish 3/6/2013

These are from the false dandelions. The flowers bloom in the mornings and by afternoon, they are in this form. It is both amazing and weird to see many yellow flowers in the mornings and then a bunch of these seed forms by afternoon.

Texas Squaw-weed 3/7/2013

Unknown (cactus?) 3/7/2013

We do not have many of these on our land; but, I find them a little beautiful with the white curlicues grass like parts.

Found Egg (3/7/2013)

I was exploring the land and discovered this egg on the ground near the back of our property. It was broken; so, I do not think it was viable. However, I left it alone. I found the egg totally broken apart a few days later.