Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

Let's see, What has happened since my last Thursday's Thoughts post?
  • I went to a quilt show. I posted about it here.

  • The flooring at the house is slowly getting done. We estimated that it will take us a weekend to complete a bedroom. Three bedrooms equal three weekends. So, I added a weekend making it four weekends total. This means that we should be finished just before Labor Day weekend. Is that being realistic? Or is it too optimistic? Ha!
  • Dan adding the last piece of flooring in the Den

  • I really love the flooring! The above picture doesn't really do it justice. I am glad we are doing this because it is so much warmer than the hard cold tile.

  • The pain-the-butt hallway is almost done. There are seven doorways that Dan has to fussy cut the flooring slowing the process down tremendously.

  • Speaking of fussy cut, Dan asked me what I meant by that term. After I explained the term to him, he smiled in amusement and said "Men do not fussy cut. They custom cut.". This made me bust a gut! I can't help it if I have quilting terms stuck in my brain and use them in reference to other things besides quilting. Ha!
  • We got more done than indicated in this picture. Do you see that door way down at the end of the hallway? We have flooring put down all the way up there. But, since we are working from left to right, the flooring isn't down from the first door on the right (which you can barely see in this picture) towards the end of the hallway.

  • The door at the end of the hallway is to a closet. Both doors on the right side are to bedrooms. The two doors you can see with doorknobs on the left are closets. There are two open doors on the left side further up that goes into a guest bathroom and the master bedroom.

  • We should call this "The House of Many Doors" instead of the "Ranch House". Ha!
    "The House of Many Doors" sounds like a horror movie (or book). It shall remain the "Ranch House".

  • I have not gotten much accomplished with other things such as packing. I got so exhausted that I started to feel sick Monday and had to rest Monday. And then, I woke up with a migraine on Tuesday. Headache lingered throughout Wednesday. So, I'm just trying to take it easy and gather up my strength for another busy hard weekend at the 'Ranch House'.

  • I am planning to do some shopping for needed supplies for the 'Ranch House' and some groceries this morning before it gets real hot out there.

  • I need to come up with some lunches besides the same o' boring ol' peanut butter and jelly or lunch meat sandwiches to take with us to the 'Ranch House'. Anyone have any suggestions for quick and easy meals? We have a refrigerator at the 'Ranch House'; so no worries about keeping things cold.

  • Piece,