Monday, August 6, 2012

Macro Monday {Walking Stick}

Popping on for another Macro Monday.
I heart Macro.
Your Sunday Best.

Big-A Gigantic Monster Walking Stick

I have never seen a Walking Stick this big. I have discovered that everything, I mean EVERYTHING, seems bigger at our "Ranch House". The first big insect I closely examined was shaped and acted like an ant. While examining it, I made a comment to Dan who was standing next to me that it "looks and acts like a Big-A Gigantic Monster ant". We both laughed at my description and it now has stuck with everything we see that seems abnormally huge. Just yesterday, Dan said to me with a look of surprise amazement in his eye that he just saw the weirdest, biggest-A, gigantic, monster bumblebee.

Anyway, here is another picture of the walking stick for size reference: