Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

On April 4th, I posted this as my status on facebook:

I sewed up a strip of something. I took a short break and left the door open. As I was about to put the foot to pedal after the break, something moved on the arm of the sofa and scared me to death. It was Chessie laying on top of the Pure Layer Cake quilt top and some leftover blocks. Camouflage! She has it!

The fabrics has a lot of browns in it. She is brown. So, I didn't notice her until she moved. She then had the brass to get onto the cutting table and walk around including checking out the sewing machine.

Ur Sewin Machine Iz Meh. Yez, I knoe urban werdz. I r not stoopid.

Pai attenshun 2 meh or else evil kat will mak an appearance.
{Both pictures converted to black & white and set opacity at 75%}

She also had a good time using the cutting table as a perch to gaze out the window.

{converted to black & white leaving opacity at 100%.
Due to the bright light coming in from the window, her white fur around her mouth and underneath chin got washed out.}

She is not often allowed in the sewing room especially if I cannot keep an eye on her. She is a licker and will lick anything plastic. I have not kitty proofed the room against her. When she was much younger, she came to Dan in loads of trouble. She had dropped a loose ball of discarded thread in Dan's lap. I noticed she was licking and realized that she was eating thread and desperately needed help. I pointed out the problem to Dan and he then gently removed the thread. She could have died. She was so smart to come to Dan when she knew she was in trouble. (Dan was and still is her person.) And yet, she is so stupid because she continued to lick plastic!

I figured out that she was licking the plastic garbage bag and accidentally licked up some discarded threads. It scared me and ever since, she and all cats we have are banned from the sewing room. I cannot take chances with them considering the dangers of pins, threads, and whatnot. I would never forgive myself if anything should happen to them due to carelessness on my part.