Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Aurifl Designer Collection

Lilly's Quilts announced an Aurifil Make-A Designer-Collection competition. Just follow her instructions at the link. It is easy peasy! You can enter as many times you want; but, I'm only entering once because designing bundles or designer collections are very time consuming. The deadline seems to be April 17 as the winners will be chosen April 18. By the way, the contest is actually held in a Flickr Group. I am also blogging my choices here for posterity's sake in addition to passing on the word about this competition where you could win your own designer collection.

Here is my designer collection. I went with "neutrals" because that is what I use the most.

This is a cotton 50wt collection. The color codes are, from left to right, top to bottom:

2360, 4012, 2320, 2315
2026, 2000, 2021, 2024
2615, 2600, 2625, 2630