Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday's State of Affairs

Remember this?

Well, The project is now completed! I cut it all up and sewed the edges up to prevent fraying. It is now on this:

We put these leaders on last Saturday (4/7/12). I could not have done this without Dan's help. I am thankful that he is so supportive. I am planning to continue with this project this weekend and for this first time, I am finally feeling a tad excited about this. I am also very nervous and scared! But, I just have to dive in and get over the fear.

On another note, Chessie completely destroyed two toys that I got specifically for Gracie. That reminds me, I need to purchase some more of those toys as Gracie really likes them. Anyway, I had some leftover fabric from the above project. So, I decided to make a kick stick for Chessie last Saturday (4/7/12).

I still have plenty of fabric leftover to make probably two more of these in the future should this one get destroyed.

Chessie was feeling very aggressive last Sunday and went after Gracie. Gracie was fighting back by yowling and hissing as she was cornered. It was not a pleasant sound. Dan went after Chessie and gently diverted her away from Gracie. I picked up Chessie, took her into another area and sat down on the floor with the kick stick to try to help alleviate the aggression she was feeling. Boy howdy, she ripped into the toy! Even Dan was surprised. Fortunately, it held up really well. And, she was a much nicer cat afterwards. I think the catnip helped get her drunk and calmer. Ha!

Dan suggested that the next kick toy be made out of a thicker material such as canvas. The material I am currently using is a home decorator fabric that I purchased on clearance. It is slightly tougher than 100% cotton fabric; but, not as strong as canvas.