Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quarterly Review of my #FinishYear list

My Word of the Year & #FinishYear list

Well, I feel like I am an utter failure. Why am I not surprised? Let's review:

Here is my original five:
  1. I am going to finish learning how to swallow a pill. I may not ever learn how; but, I am determined to try.
  2. I am going to finish the Layer Cake Quilt. In the process, learn to machine quilt.
  3. I am going to finish saving up for “new” car. We only need a couple more thousand.
  4. I am going to finish walking a mile (two miles is the ultimate goal)
  5. I am going to finish cleaning / purging the office. I can only do this if Dan helps the process as half the stuff in there is his. I hate to nag him; but, this is important to me.
And, here is the original secondary list:
  • I am going to finish making meal plans (every two weeks).
    {I started and completed the first plan on 1/2/12.}
  • I am going to finish writing down thoughts frequently – once or twice a week – journal style.
  • I am going to finish organizing my fabrics onto “bolts” – 2 or 3 a day should get me there eventually.
    {I started this on 1/4/12.}
  • I am going to finish taking a picture at least once a week
    (I started this on 1/2/12.)

So, Let's see. How am I doing?
  1. I never learned to swallow a pill; but, I still try from time to time.

  2. I started the process of getting the setup to get the Layer Cake quilt finished; but, it's been so slow because I am so darn slow! And now, it's at a complete standstill because we're in the process of closing on a house. And, then we've got to move, which means I have to take apart my setup. I decided not to start machine quilting the Layer Cake quilt until after we move. Speaking of which, I'm already designing the "studio" in my head and even have scribbles on paper; but, I cannot really truly plan until I know the final dimensions of the room. So, it might be awhile before I have the room; but, I am praying that the process will be fast and I'll be back to doing sewing/crafting in a heartbeat.

  3. We are still saving up for a car and I thought I would have enough by summertime. However, I did a little research into the car I have been wanting and well, I think I am just going to have to focus on getting a different model! I did not realize that the 2 or 3 year old cars I wanted were still that expensive! Sheesh. So, it is a setback for me priority-wise. However, I still would like to get a new second car by the end of the year and hopefully, it'll be a decent car for Dan to drive back and forth to work and I'll take his gas guzzling truck for when I need to go do errands or go to the grocery.

  4. I successfully walked a mile. In fact, I've been walking around the block three times every morning until I went quilt shop hopping several weeks ago and fell off the bandwagon. The walk is slightly over a mile and the block itself has a slight incline. So, it gets my heart pumping three times (once every lap). I need to get back to walking every morning; but, I have been busy!

  5. The office has been cleaned out and purged. Yay! So, this is no longer on my list.
As for the secondary list, I think I am a little more successful with this endeavor.
  • I have been making meal plans every two weeks. So this is a success.
  • I have been jotting down things here and there. However, I think it could be a little more often.
  • I did start out by wrapping fabrics onto "bolts" every day; but, I fell off the bandwagon over a month ago. I'll pick this up again when we move.
  • I am also taking pictures more often; but, I haven't been tracking when and how often. I also have been very bad at letting them sit in folders without even looking at them.
My last word has nothing to do with this review; but, everything to do with the house we're in the process of purchasing. I have been cleaning up and somewhat halfheartedly packing the last two weeks. I guess I do not want to commit to packing until we close on the house. This is the furthest we have ever gone and it is looking good so far! All we lack is the survey of the property (which will be done within 3 - 5 business days); but, the application is going forward. I am really praying that this will be closed by the date stated on the contract and I am needlessly worrying. I cannot control what happens with the bank and their appraisers. So, why do I worry? Because it is my nature! Ha! Anyway, things are looking good at the moment.