Saturday, April 7, 2012

Link Roundup

  • Dainty Blossoms Couch Pincushion Sewing; Tutorial

  • Copyright Terrorism {in the quilting world}
    There has been a recent flack between a designer of fabric and a publisher / book author that I have been watching closely. Much of what you see and hear is techno mumble jumble that goes way over an average person’s head. But, this post puts forth my thoughts and feelings about this matter in a straight forward manner. Note, it has eased some of the concerns I had about using fabrics in any shape or form I desire and selling them. But still, my biggest worry is that this could all change someday.

  • Rainy Day Photo Posing Ideas Photography
    I have always loved the rain and will even go walking in the rain (if it is safe to do so). These are some really good ideas!

  • Energy Drinks: Good or Bad?
    Not to be confused with sports drinks, these trendy beverages are a dangerous mix of sugar, chemicals and stimulants. We won’t keep you in suspense – they’re no good!
  • In Praise of Jobs Frugality; Jobs, Opportunity
    Here’s the reality of the situation: there is no work out there that will allow you to do nothing but what you enjoy doing. At some point, you’re going to end up doing things that are un-fun. You’re going to have to do paperwork or negotiate a contract or interact with someone you don’t like. You’re going to have to accept unfair criticism or deal with technical problems or handle drudgery. Unless you are incredibly rich and have people that buffer you from these things, there is no job that is free from drudgery.
    I have an incredible amount of respect for people who go out there and do several hours worth of drudgery a day. If you loathe every aspect of your job, but you keep doing it because you have people to support, that’s an incredibly impressive thing to do.

    However, it’s a joyless thing to do. I’ve watched friends of mine wilt under the pressure of a drudgery-filled job and the responsibilities of marriage and parenthood. I’ve seen people resign themselves to the fact that many hours of their day are going to be filled with drudgery until their health fails them.

    That is simply not a recipe for a joyful life. The more of your day you can spend doing things you at least enjoy doing (even if it’s not the perfect thing, it’s still a good thing), the better off you’ll be.

    That’s where frugality comes in. That’s where time management comes in.
  • Dealing With Criticism: A Biblical Approach Christian
    Criticism isn’t all that bad – life has it, God allows it, and we can use it to grow in understanding. The negative side of criticism is rooted in selfishness, envy, and jealousy – all of which are present in the world. Inevitably, you’ll be faced with criticism that is rooted in these things, and that’s what I would consider to be negative criticism.

    The next time you’re approached with a criticism, ask these things: