Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

On April 12th, I noticed Gracie going bonkers at the sliding glass door. I opened up the curtains and spied a huge lizard that was tormenting my little girl. I found it humorous and grabbed my camera. Due to her constantly moving and my not wanting to take the time to set up shots (for fear of missing opportunities), these pictures are not all that great.

A rare moment when Gracie was calm. She was either taking a break or seriously thinking about how to get that lizard. I know that she was getting frustrated. She is quite the huntress in spite of her being a tripod. She has even managed to get a fly once much to my surprise.



Awww Man! Y Cant I Git You?

I Wants to Taste U

She kept trying for a long time to get him. This lizard got between the screen and the glass and was sort of trapped. The lizard eventually ended up at the top of the glass/screen door and Gracie soon lost interest because he did not move for the longest time.