Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: Sitisfaction

I ran across this the other day among my dad's stuff. It is amazing to me - very reflective of my Dad. It is written by my Uncle Verton, Dad's older brother.

Below is the words as written on this piece of paper:


I'm just sitting down here in Texas
    As contented as can be.
The news, the weather, nor my kin
    is allowed to bother me.
I have my feet propt on the rail
    My mind's from trouble free.
I'm hunkered here in Livingston
    just as happy as can be.

I've got a wife in 'dena
    And a few kids hereabout
But they seem like smokey mem'ries
    which suddenly just pass out
As a cloud will flee from sunshine
    And leave the landscape free to shout.
"He's relaxing here in Texas
    Of that it's plain to see."

I've got my stash of silver
    And if the truth were told
You'd know I've hidden somewhere
    A poke of gleaming gold.
But that's my secret, most suspect
    It's just pennies and dimes I've rolled.
Yes, I've nestled right here in Livingston
    There ain't nothin' to bother me.

The above can stand alone as is. I love it and I think it is just wonderful. However, I've found the second part to this poem late yesterday. Here is the words to the rest of the poem (misspellings and all):

And yet, I've a brother out East
    That I think of now and then
Who I'm certain deservedly loves me,
    He claims to be my best friend.
I acknowledge it's right that I call him
    But not now! I don't know just when
'Cause I'm comfortably esconsed here in Texas
    Don't want anything troublin' me.

There's some moonshine reflected on water
    That laps itself right to my door
And sunshine the other half of the day
    Who could ask for anything more?
I've got silver and gold and mem'ries untold
    And my heart goes out to the poor.
Yep, I'm staying right down here in Texas
    no dark clouds to hang over me.

Now, you may thing I'm a selfish old b--tard
    who thinks of himself. himself.
You're wrong! And you're right, the difference is slight
    As any psychiatrist would tell if
You'd just take a moment and listen.
    One's best friend is one's innermost self.
So, I'll continue to lounge here in Texas
    And pray you're as happy as me.

for muh bruther     7-23-98