Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dear Sellers (A Vent)

Dear Sellers,

We thought we were being more than fair to offer 98% of the list price plus closing costs considering the following:

  1. The huge crack running across the entire foundation of the secondary building

  2. The state of the flooring throughout the house

    • Duck taped carpeting and tile between dining room and entry way
    • Poor tiling (vinyl) in the hallway to laundry room
    • Little wrinkles in carpeting throughout the house

  3. The tile in the guest bathroom will need to be cleaned up a little and re-grouted near the tub

  4. The top oven door doesn’t close tightly not to mention that BOTH need thorough cleaning

  5. The built-in “appliance” on the kitchen island most likely is not working and is definitely worthless. So the entire countertop will need replacing.

  6. Childish writing in a permanent marker all over bedroom walls

  7. The house is stuck in the 70s and needs to be brought to more modern times
If that house was in move-in ready condition with no problems, then we may have gone for the full list price. However, the comps in the surrounding areas and the state (descriptions) of those houses indicate that you’re trying to get more money that that house is worth. We know we’re being saps and offering way more than the house is really worth. We may be saps; but, we’re not idiots. Good luck in finding a buyer for your home. We’re going to continue looking elsewhere.


Willing buyers