Sunday, March 13, 2016

Weekly Recap #10

{March 6 through March 12, 2016}


  • We finished planting the garden on Sunday. And then, the rains came and gave us a total of 2" of rain over a period of three days.

    A severe thunderstorm came through one night. A bomb went off; but, it was thunder. Dan says he thinks I felt it before he heard it. I woke up wide awake just after midnight screaming scared to death. I even hyperventilated a little. Dan left me huddling at the foot of the bed with a petrified Gracie to go get a flashlight as the power was out. Poor cat was just frozen in one spot on the bed. (Abby was underneath the bed). That thunderstorm only produced a measly 1/8 inch of rain. Ugh!

Quilting; Crafts

  • I finished the first block for the gypsy wife quilt. It is looking fairly good! Pictures will have to wait until I get Photoshop Elements installed. I chose fabrics for the second block and started cutting according to the instructions.

    splish splash stash
  • Dan ordered my new laptop and it arrived on March 12th (Saturday). He has it set up to where it is working just fine. I do not have my Photoshop Elements yet; but, I should have that soon.
  • I struggled this week. Struggled big time. I even skipped making pizza on our usual night (Tuesday). I just did not feel like making it; but, I did make some the following night. Here's to hoping I will have a better week.

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