Friday, March 25, 2016

Feline Friday {Rotten Little Beast}

This cat is a rotten little beast.

For the first time in nine years (that I can remember), Gracie got up on my dresser and made herself a bed out of some clean pillowcases I had placed on top. I will need to wash them again and put them away. By the way, the pillowcases are not for guests.

I believe Gracie has been teaching Abby some bad habits. Why? I caught Abby Gail on top of the dresser a few nights later. Do you see those beaded jewelry hanging behind Gracie? Well, they have been placed in a safer spot so that Abby will not play with them as they could potentially be a dangerous toy for her. I think Abby is a girly girl because she does love some bling (strings of all kinds).

I have caught both of them sleeping on top of my dresser now and then since this first time (March 11). I think I spoil my kitties way too much. But, I do have compassion for my Gracie - more so than usual. She is getting old. She most likely feels safe up there away from both Abby and humans. You have to choose your battles when it comes to cats. I let them have this battle AFTER making it somewhat safe for them. After all, this is better than the kitchen countertops and table, Correct?