Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wordy Wednesday {A/C}

Our main Air Conditioner (A/C) broke down three times so far this summer. This is just our luck. We are now saving up money to get a brand new A/C system next spring due to the fact many of the parts are no longer being sold. It is frustrating because the system is only seven years old. (The house is a little over seven years old and we have owned it a few years.) It is one of the cheapest systems you can put into a house. We never dreamed that we would have to get a new A/C so soon.

My advice to any homeowner building a new house, do NOT go for the cheapest. Instead, go for at least a mid-range price A/C system.

This is the reason for the second breakdown. This is a vital part that makes the A/C run. The cause of the problem? Ants. Stupid ants. Can you see them?

Hundreds of dead ants filled up this part preventing it from working properly. For some odd reason, ants are attracted to electricity. A new part was put in and this time, a cover was installed to help deter ants. There is no guarantee that it would stop them; but, it may at least deter them from getting inside.

In the meantime, I went on a warpath. I had recently won the battle against the ants inside; but, now the battle was carried outdoors.

I concocted my own ant killer (a mixture of borax, diatomaceous earth, and corn meal) and poured it on every ant pile that was within 10 feet of the house. I would stab an ant pile, pour some of the mixture onto the pile and the mix it in with a small shovel. This worked for all active ant piles because they were all gone (dead) within 48 hours.

There was only one situation where I could not locate the actual ant pile. As a result, I had to resort to using Ortho Max Home Defense Insect killer {spray form). In fact, Dan sprayed this stuff all around the foundation of the house. Now, we just need to remain vigilant and watch for new ants.