Friday, August 29, 2014

Feline Friday


This girl, overall, is doing so much better since I discovered her collar was giving her fits and caused her skin to be inflamed and be bald. It shocked me! She no longer wears a collar and her fur has since grown back. She may have developed an allergy to something within the collar itself. Because of her, all my cats no longer wear collars.


I have also been giving her "baths" when she is extremely itchy around her face and ears. I use a homemade pet shampoo since the commercial ones can be harsh. It is a combination of Dawn dish soap (original), vinegar and water. We had a few struggles trying to figure out how to keep her calm and yet still wash her. The best method is to just simply hold her and have a bucket of water on hand with a wash rag. We have had to do this frequently in the beginning; but, now, we only have to do this when she gets a major attack of itches which is about once a month or so.


She is a much happier cat and hangs out all over the place now. She still prefers hard flat surfaces; but, will occasionally hang out on the chair with me.