Friday, August 27, 2010

Indiscriminate Contemplations

Indiscriminate Contemplations == Random Thoughts

I am still working on the pictures from our camping trip to Garner. Please be patient with me. I took a LOT of pictures and have a lot to go through.

I have been busy with other things including the following:

  1. Never ending regular life that keeps coming back around to bite me in the butt
  2. Going through all the Garner pictures
  3. Thinking about and working on my Mother’s Maxine quilt
  4. Thinking about and planning on making Hexies (more on that later
  5. Looking through listing on Houses for sale that our Realtor sends to us
  6. Scanning in the family slides again (started this morning)
I am a dreamer while going about my tasks, which includes the creative projects. That is why I am a slow poke. I would rather be slow than try to change and rush through things making mistakes in the process. I have come to accept this fact about me. It is just going to take me twice as long (or even longer) to do things than a “normal” person would.

I often will get distracted while going about household tasks. I will start on something only to stop mid-way and start on something else. Needless to say, it’s very frustrating because nothing seems to get accomplished.

All of this is why my Dan said I was just unfocused when I “complained” to him about this. That is the reason for the name of this blog.

On No Spend Month and the Budget

Today is Day 15 of our No Spending Month. It is also the last Friday of August. I cannot believe the year is almost gone!

There were four minor purchases that we could have done without; but, we just couldn’t resist.
  1. An ergonomic mouse. I have needed a new mouse for several months because I lost the old one. However, I didn’t want to pay the regular price for one. As a result, my hand suffered from using Dan’s old cheap mouse. We got this new mouse for $50 off the regular price.
  2. A Bath Junkie Groupon $20 for $50 worth of products. I love Bath Junkie’s Vanilla scented scrub; but, I rarely get any due to being a cheapskate.
  3. A My Place Bar & Grille Groupon-- $10 for $25. It’s mainly a Burger place. The reviews were good and it’ll give us an excuse to take a short road trip in the future.
  4. An acrylic Hexagon template. Could I have waited to get the Hexagon template? Not really. I’ll explain why later.
Ah well, we’re not perfect.

I am FINALLY caught up on the budget for the month of August. I haven’t done the budget since November or December of last year. Bad ol’ me. Now that I’m back on track, I am determined to stay on track. If all goes well, we’ll have some significant amount of money to put into our saving funds. I think most of that money will go to the House fund as we have decided to significantly increase it. However, some of it will go towards the car and camper fund.

On Crafting

I have decided to start making some Hexies (Hexagons) using the English Paper Piecing method. I figured the Hexies project would be a good portable project to work on when I’m away from home. I’ll be making my own hexagon paper patterns using the hexagonal graph paper generator.

I am planning to return to Mother September 17th to visit for a week. That’s why I couldn’t wait to get the template. It will make cutting fabrics easier not to mention quicker.

It takes time to make some fabric and paper Hexies. Remember, I am a slowpoke? I believe I mentioned that. I need time to make enough two Grandmother Flower Garden "blocks" to take with me to Mother's place.

I haven’t decided how I will store them for traveling yet. Baggies? Containers? Any ideas?

On House Hunting

We went to see four houses last Saturday and none of them were what we were looking for. We decided to expand the list. We originally wanted a big ol’ one story house. But, there just aren’t a whole lot of those around here. So, we decided to look at two-story houses also. When we get old and cannot handle stairs, we’ll sell and downsize. By then, we’ll be retired and can live wherever our heart’s desire.

We received a new listing yesterday and had tons of houses to dig through.We picked out three more houses to look at and are hoping to see them this weekend. So, we’ll see what happens. We are not in any hurry as we want a house that we both can be happy with – no settling here on a few issues.