Friday, August 20, 2010

Indiscriminate Contemplations

Indiscriminate Contemplations == Random Thoughts

On Love

Pioneer Woman is currently having a photography contest on the subject of “LOVE”. I do not have any photography skills. Plus, I wouldn’t stand a chance among all the professionals entering her photography contests. Anyhow, I do have a couple of photos of us that I love and feel expresses the concept of “Love”. They are not mine. (In other words, I am not the photographer.) I thought I share them here:

Love in the Midst of Sorrow
{My oldest brother took this picture. Childhood home. January 2009}

Tunnel of Love
{Dan took this one using a tripod. Riverwalk (San Antonio). September 2009}

On the Progress of No Spend Month

Today is Day 10 of our No Spend Month and we’re doing fabulously. Only a few splurges that we could have postponed; but, I felt we needed them NOW.

For example: We had a plastic laundry basket that completely wore out from using it for the “dump” papers. What are the “dump” papers? I tend call the community recycling dumpsters placed mostly at schools “the dump”. There is one located at a nearby Catholic school that we use. They accept mail, newspapers, and most papers. So, I throw our junk mail, newspapers and regular papers into our "dump" basket that is conveniently located underneath the desk/table in the office. When it gets full, we then take them to the “dump” and dump the papers into the dumpsters for recycling.

Anyway, we went shopping at Target. Why Target? Our Walmart is now pathetic when it comes to needing stuff like this. More often than not, I would have better luck finding something at Target than at Walmart. So, we shop at Target for most non-grocery items now.

We found a nice short cloth “laundry” basket to place the “dump” papers. The price was reasonable. And, it was in one of my favorite colors – chocolate brown – a plus! Ha!

I also needed a door hanger to hang my kitchen aprons on. The magnet hooks on the fridge are losing the ability to hold stuff. Plus, one broke. So, that was another item we found at Target. It was cheap and on sale. Someday, if our kitchen has the perfect spot for it, I’d like to get a lovely cute coat rack to put the aprons on.

Boy, I have digressed. No spending month is going very well so far for us. Those two items that I mentioned above were the only two exceptions we made.

On Some Favorite Links

I am sharing some links that I've found this past week that touched my heart or interested me. Hope you'll enjoy them too.

  1. This is Love Tissue Alert! A true love story that will bring you tears to your eyes
  2. What it Really Takes to Join the Sisterhood I have been following this author’s own blog for some time. This is an inspirational article. This article touched me to the depths of my heart because it’s me. I think I know one or two of you out there that can identify with this too. Here is a quote from the article:

    And when you’ve been hurt, you’re making sure that won’t be happening any time soon and you keep this wary distance from anywhere where you’d have to show the bare underbelly of your tender heart. But no one tells you that the shields you carry to keep you safe, become the the steel cages that keep you alone.

    And then sometimes along comes someone who lays a hand on your shield, who sticks her hand through the bars of your protective cage... and quietly waits. And for you.

    All I can say is read it. I haven’t even made it as far as to “trust the places with no shields.”

  3. Mass Hysteria I guess this could be called a photo essay. It’s a beautiful expression of the joy of the Basset Hound (named Charlie) leaping amongst the hay bales. It made me smile. Beautiful kids too.

  4. Does the Bible Teach Communism? This article is on the Personal Finance by the Book blog. And, it was very interesting. I never KNEW that “biblical communism” ideas floated around until now. Call me educated now! ha!

  5. Hercules: the biggest of Big Cats A friend sent a beautiful email on this cat. He’s a Liger. Sidenote: There are Tiglons too. Anyway, I went searching online for more information on this cat and found many. He’s in the Guinness Book of World Records and is claimed to be “an accident”. To be honest, I really do not approve of deliberate breeding of Hybrids of animals. After all, offsprings of Tigers and Lions in the wild are impossible due to living in different continents (Asia and Africa). All I can say here is what a humongous Beaut!