Tuesday, June 15, 2010

San Antonio Missions Game (5/23/10)

We attended a Minor League baseball game – the San Antonio Missions versus the Frisco Rough Riders. It was a hot, entertaining, fun, and long game. We got some of the best seats in the house – first row right over the home team dugout. I was one nervous spectator though – very concerned about foul balls.

There was one time a batter did hit a foul ball and it looked like it was heading straight towards me. I panicked and tried to hide behind Dan next to me. Ha! It happened so fast you really have no time to react – you’re going to get hit no matter what. The foul ball ended up going right into the dugout instead of into the bleachers.

In between some innings, there was quick entertainment going on to keep spectators amused. Some of them were hilarious. Some surprised us. All of them used some members from the audience.

We finally left when the game was tied up going into the 10th inning. I found out later (via Facebook) that the Missions finally won in the 13th inning with a “stolen” base. They headlined their status with “stolen”. Dan disputes that. I know nothing about the technicalities of baseball; so, I don’t know what is what. I know just enough to enjoy the game itself.

Basically, there was a Missions guy on third base. And, a guy hit a fly ball and the Frisco outfielder caught it. And, then our guy on third base ran home. So, is it a “stolen” base? In my mind, it’s a steal. But, Dan doesn’t think it’s a steal. Whatever.

SA Missions have a couple of guys that taped the game and put together highlights on YouTube. You can watch some highlights, including the winning run, here if you're interested.

Below are some random pictures that we took. Dan had his new camera and I was using his old one for the first time. Dan thinks about his shots before taking them. I, on the other hand, have a tendency to just snap away without too much thought. So, I had a lot more pictures than him. Of course, my pictures are not as good as his. I always hope that one out of a kajillion pictures that I take, one will be priceless. Ha! Not this time around.

A chicken,... no a duck,... no a Rooster! Entertaining a team of boys before opening ceremony

My handsome photographer

{picture taken by Dan}
A San Antonio Missions batter with the ball frozen in motion. Dan snapped the picture just before he hit the ball which turned out to be a home run. Forever frozen in time. Ha!

Same guy who hit the home run. he was just taking his time running the bases.

This was one of the entertainment events between innings. They gave that Taco character a huge head start. And, then the kid took off running and tackled the Taco between third base and the home plate. It surprised both of us and then I remembered they did this the last time we attended a game.

{picture taken by Dan}
The cutest little spectator. She was pouting about something. Maybe a bad call? Ha!

Human Bowl. Another entertainment event between innings. This guy got inside this huge bubble ball and then ran towards six huge pins to knock them over. When he hit the pins, I thought for sure he killed himself because he went flying inside that thing. Ha! But, he was okay.

Ballepeño – SA Mission’s mascot. He was on top of the dugout entertaining the crowd doing humorous stuff.

Frisco Rough Riders finally score a run. The game got tied up and went on for eons.

{Picture by Dan}
One of the Frisco Rough Riders pitchers. A series of pictures were quickly snapped and this is what came out of the process.