Tuesday, May 5, 2015

His Name is Jagger

I saw this dude early Sunday afternoon chasing a car down our street and called out to him fearing for his life. He slowed down and came to me. He was one gorgeous fellow. He looked well taken care of and loved to be around people.

I immediately snapped a picture and posted it on the Wilson County TX Lost and Found Animals page on facebook. I wanted his owners found NOW or someone to volunteer to temporarily keep him as we could not as we had no fence to keep him confined. Not one person responded. And, I despaired.

We tried letting him into the house to keep him confined; but, it did not work out due to my cats. He went after my Abby Gail and poor Abby was traumatized.

We kept him company on and off the rest of the day and evening hoping he would stick with us. I put out some water and kibble (dog food) for him. He wandered off with a couple that was walking on our street and we kept an eye on him discovering that he entered their yard and greeted the dogs. It was our hope that he would be safe with them for a little while.

Someone finally responded yesterday (Monday) afternoon. By then, it was too late. I may not get all the facts straight here; but, my understanding is that he got loose Saturday and the sad thing is that it happened while his owner was getting married. He is half Husky and half Lab with light blue eyes. And, his name is Jagger.

By this time, I discovered that he was long gone and my heart was crushed. I wished we had tried harder to keep the dog with us.

I have gone searching for him and so has my husband. The last report was that he was seen heading down HWY 87 towards downtown La Vernia running after cars. It is like he vanished because no one else has reported seeing him since yesterday morning. I honestly believe he either returned to his owners (unlikely because they have not marked him as "found"), someone picked him up or even worse (which I do not even want to think about).

Please, if you have Jagger, Contact Wilson County TX Lost and Found Animals on facebook and they will endeavor to reunite the dog with owner as they know who he belongs to. His owner is trying so hard to find him. Please, make this go viral for San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas until the dog and owner is reunited. When Jagger is found, I'll update this post.

I told Dan that the priority for a fence has risen as I did not want a repeat of this situation.

Thank you for listening to my bleeding heart.