Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Abby Gail Chattering (at Birds)

I mentioned that Abby Gail blessed me with chattering in my arms quite some time ago on facebook. I could both hear and feel her while she was chattering and that was a first for me in my life. After all these years of having cats, I never really heard them chattering. I have seen them chatter; but, never heard nor really understood what they sounded like. Most cats I had in the past would not allow me to hold them or even place a hand upon them while they are intensely involved. But Abby changed all that for me.

A friend on facebook requested that we video this event. It took some time to be able to capture her doing this as the timing needed to be right. She has done this in my arms a few time since the first; but, either Dan was gone or Abby was too spooked by Dan (or something else). Fortunately, the timing was right this past weekend to capture her.

I posted a link on facebook and now sharing it here on my blog. Enjoy!