Friday, May 8, 2015

Fable Friday (Is She Joy?)

Imagine my surprise when I looked up one morning and spied this critter:

{Taken on April 30, 2015}

My immediate thought was Charlotte because she was in the exact same spot where Charlotte lived.

This one was so tiny that I had trouble focusing on the spider. It did not help that the day was dark and gloomy.

I have been keeping an eye on Charlotte's egg sacs; but, have yet to see any baby spiders come out of them. I was not 100% sure this is the same kind of garden spider as Charlotte or if it is a banded garden spider. The babies of both species look so similar and are difficult to tell apart; but, once they mature, you can distinguish between the two.

After studying the pictures I took, I believe this one is the Writing or Common Garden spider (Argiope aurantia) just like Charlotte as there are no bands around her abdomen.

We shall see if this baby decides to hang around. If so, she shall be called Joy. If anyone is familiar with the story of Charlotte's Web, Wilbur (the pig) named three new spiders and one was Joy.

By the way, I looked out this morning and discovered a second spider with the first (Joy). If the second one hangs around too, she shall be called Nellie (just like the story). I hope to take better pictures later today for a Macro Monday post.