Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wordy Wednesday {Gopher}

On October 8, 2014, I spied movement at a newly formed gopher hill and immediately panicked because Abby Gail was out there on her leash. Fortunately, I had my camera on hand and kept an eye out for Abby. I was shocked when I was able to capture several images of the gopher.

Look at those ears! Dirty filthy creature!

When Abby got too close; I grabbed her leash and kept her short until I was done taking pictures. I then filled up the hole in the ground and released Abby. However, that did not do any good due to the fact Abby is like a terrier, she can sniff out the hole and dig through the dirt to expose the hole (or tunnel) in the ground. On wet rainy days, she can get herself quite filthy (muddy) and I have to use a wet rag to "bathe" her before letting her go free inside the house.

She has yet to catch a gopher on this particular day. I just let her be a cat praying that the gopher was smart enough to stay away. She was not happy when I dragged her away to go back indoors. (After all, I cannot stay out there all the time!)