Saturday, November 15, 2014

Slapdash Saturday

  • Guide to Precut Fabrics and Common Quilting Terms

    {Free downloadable PDF for reference }

  • 19 Before and After Photos of Butterflies and Moth Transformations

  • When You Wonder if You’re Really Forgiven

    God seemed to whisper to my heart again. “All of the mistakes and failures you remember, all the secrets you run from, all the regrets and remorse… they are all gone. Every one of them has been torn from the story of your life. You are forgiven. You are accepted. You are loved.

    I realized at that moment that God loves me. He doesn’t just tolerate me. He doesn’t just put up with me because I’m a Christian and He has to. He really, truly loves me.

    So wherever you are, whatever mistake you have written in the journal of your life, know that God has ripped it from the pages.

    There’s only love.

    There’s only grace.