Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Picture Dump: Signs of Gardening Part IV

I think I am going to have to come up with a different title for the dumping of pictures. In this case, the word "dump" is used as a verb which means a deposit or (to leave something) in a careless way. Apparently, not many people use (or think of) this word in this manner. Until I do come up with a better name for what I do, I shall continue to title all dumping of pictures as a "Picture Dump".

Pickling Cucumbers; May 4, 2014

Carrots and Onions (Potatoes in background); May 4, 2014

One Lone Pea; May 4, 2014

Pickling Cucumber; May 11, 2014

Pepper; June 5, 2014

First Carrot and Yukon Gold Harvested; June 14, 2014

Blueberries; June 18, 2014

Peppers; June 18, 2014

First Carrots Harvested; July 12, 2014

Wild Muscadine Grapes (found on our property); July 14, 2014

Brief Recap:

We actually harvested a bunch of these wild grapes and I made three jars of grape jelly. I wanted to try making some and it was a total success. I plan to harvest more next year and make tons more jelly.

As for our gardening efforts, the carrots, red potatoes, pickling cucumbers were awesome. The strawberries were somewhat successful. I will concentrate on growing more of these next year. I am wanting to grow a BUNCH of pickling cucumbers to make pickles now that I know they will grow down here.

I am abandoning onions, garlic, melons, peas and peppers as they were not successful growing down here. Oh, a few plants here and there bore fruit; but, most did not give forth anything. It was just not worth the effort.

The fruits such as blueberries, lemons, and limes will take several years before I know whether or not they will bear fruit. I think they will. Eventually.