Monday, June 25, 2012

Macro Monday {Gracie's Back Paws}

Popping on for another Macro Monday.
I heart Macro.
Your Sunday Best.

Gracie's Multicolored Back Paws

I always thought Gracie has the most interesting coloring in her paws. And, look at all that fur! When I saw her sprawled on the back of Dad's chair with her two back paws in this position, I took the opportunity to snap some pictures.

And yes, some of her back toenails are purple when I took this picture. I have to keep her back toenails capped; otherwise, she would destroy her precious face due to her skin allergies. This is a last resort to keeping her from having a bloody face and it works most of the time. I did not want to use the cone of shame on her because she already has a tough life being a tripod.