Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordy Wednesday: Butterfly Whisperer

The Butterfly Whisperer

I'm back from camping! And, let me tell you, I had a wonderful time! It was so good to relax, visit with family and spend time in the Frio River. We spent a lot of our afternoons in the water because it was HOT with the temperatures being in the low 100s the first couple of days!

The above picture was taken by Dan with my camera. This was the fourth butterfly that walked onto my finger after landing on or near me. I would remain calm all the while talking to the critter. Don't ask me why I talk to critters, I just do. And, then after a bit, I would gently persuade it to walk onto my finger by slowly placing my finger near its feet and then slowly push my finger against them. They are fascinating to look at up close; however, the body itself is not all that pretty with their big buggy eyes. Ha!

I took some pictures. However, I did not take as many as our last camping trip at Garner. I was having way too much fun relaxing and had many lovely distractions. It was the perfect "get away from it all" vacation.

I have been doing tons of laundry, unpacking tons of camping crap and focusing on our new house including boxing up our stuff for the move. Dan is in the process of getting utilities connected (or converted over to our names).

We made a trip out to the house this past Sunday to see if it was still standing. We also took measurements of both the garage and the living room. We will be going out there this weekend to start work on the house. We will basically be camping out there on the weekends using the camp cot until the floors are done; and then, we'll move in. I am planning to take pictures of the house and garage before any work is started.

Speaking of work on the house, my husband, Dan, started a new blog. It is still a work in progress. He wants to change the banner and a few other things. But, let me tell you, it surprised and pleased me that he started a blog of his own.

Due to focusing on the house and packing up for the move, posting will be sporadic. I am determined to continue posting pictures and thoughts. But, it will not be the end of the world if I do not succeed in doing this every single time as life will be extremely busy until we settle into the new house.