Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Today I Am

::heartbroken:: that a family friend will soon fly away to that home on God's celestial shore.

::scared:: or ::worried:: about the future of Rackspace.

::sewing:: -- it's therapetic. I am currently ::working:: on Section 3 of Gypsy Wife Quilt.

::cross stitching:: here and there on a small project.

::thinking:: about starting up another Christmas ornament kit.

::wishing:: Gracie was feeling better. She is still having itchy fits.

::wondering:: if I did something wrong in some friendships. At this moment, I cannot worry about what they think of me as I have enough on my plate. It is what it is. At least, that is what I try to tell myself.

::in pain:: from a stickerburr hitting my left hand (knuckle) several days ago and holding my phone too much in my right hand. The stickerburr most likely went into a tendon or muscle and the knuckle is currently inflamed. It's not much fun when both hands are hurting.

::thinking:: about selling off my extra Christmas beaded ornaments I made. I would sell them at cost plus shipping just for them to go to a happy home and be used.

::eating:: homemade gluten free pizza for dinner tonight. Pizza is comfort food for me.