Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wordy Wednesday

It was a cold, windy and rainy day at the track, Circuit of the Americas, in Austin, Texas. We were attending the Formula 1 (F1) race. With that said, I am thankful that remnants from Patricia the hurricane spared us Texans from destruction other than flash flooding.

Since I knew that it was going to be a bad weather day, I opted to take just our water camera. There is a selfie picture of Dan and I; but, his face got plastered with the date time stamp. (I need to remember to disable this feature.)

Better than nothing, correct?

The day cleared up somewhat by the time the race began at 2:00pm. Both of us were hurting about halfway through the race and decided to call it quits. My poor husband was violently shivering. The jacket he wore failed to be a rain coat; so, he was soaked through to the skin. I vowed to purchase a new rain jacket for us both soon.

As for me, I was damp all over, the poncho I wore failed due to the wind. I also wore boots that were supposed to be snakebite and water proof. I think my jeans just acted like a wick and my feet were eventually wet. Fortunately, because I decided to wear layers including long john pants underneath my jeans, I was not too cold in spite of being wet.

On a different subject, I am taking a blogging break. I dealt with sickness last week and barely have the energy to do stuff I want to do let alone blog. I have a Saturday post that I will schedule. But, other than that one post, I have absolutely nothing planned.

And, to be honest, I do not feel like preparing pictures and writing up posts at the moment. I know that it most likely will be a little while before the desire to blog returns. It usually does after being down with a sickness like I had last week. It took all I had within me to go to that race last Sunday and I am glad I went with my Dan. All I want and desire to do is my usual chores and cross stitch. Yes, I am still plugging away at that huge UFO (Unfinished Object). Did I ever mention that I despise back stitching? Well, I do.

So, until I blog again, I wish you all happiness and health!