Friday, October 16, 2015

Feline Friday {A Word from Gracie}

Hi, my name is Gracie and I'm taking over this spot for the day because my human mother is too busy celebrating her birthday. Yes, the crazy lady takes a whole week and even a month to celebrate.

Anyway, I'm hijacking this blog. My human mother rarely gives me the time of the day on her precious corner of the interwebs. But then, I hate it when she focuses that camera on me. So, I guess it's my own fault that I don't get the spotlight as often as Abby Gail does. Well, I'm changing that now. Today is all about me!

Speaking of the crazy lady, my humans think I'm weird. Why? Because I don't have a regular or a favorite sleeping spot. I may choose to sleep in my human dad's office on top of a box filled with jeans that human mother claims she will use to turn into blankets some day. I'll believe that when I see it.

Other times, I'll sleep on one of the steps on the elliptical machine that my humans rarely use. Sometimes, I'll choose to sleep with them at night and other times, I choose to sleep elsewhere. I may sleep on the small cat tree my human mother purchased for her room to keep us happy. I once discovered a blanket tossed on my human mother's crafting table and made a bed out of that. She wasn't too happy with me; but, she let me sleep after disturbing me with taking of pictures. *sigh*

I surprised my humans and caused them a lot of worry several days ago. Why? Because I chose to climb to the top of the huge cat tree house in the den and I did it while they were present in the room. I sure showed them!

They were so worried about me getting down. They dragged the smaller cat tree out of their bedroom placing it in front of the big one. Pfffhhhhttt! I don't need that thing. But, don't tell them this, it sure does makes it easier for me to get up and down the big tree.

They thought I was a bush dweller because I liked to sleep in low places. Well, I proved them wrong. I love the variety of perches. I've been sleeping on the highest perch lately. It makes my humans both sad and glad -- sad because the highest perches were where my sister, Chessie, slept all the time and glad the tree is being used once again.

The only thing that I do regularly without fail is holler to go outside in the mornings and again when my human Dad gets home for the day. I absolutely love to be outdoors. And, I adore laying and snoozing in an abandoned red chair. Oh, I do let my sister, Abby Gail, use it from time to time albeit grudgingly. My humans have a hard time getting me to go back indoors. If I could, I would stay out there all day.

Well, my human is about to show up and I better get off before she discover that I hijacked her blog. And besides, I'm getting tired. I need to bathe myself and take a nap. So, I'll bid y'all a good day and lots of happy meows.

PS. I'm going to use one of her signatures in hopes of making her think she blogged this even though I did. Do you think that would work?