Thursday, May 29, 2014

Winning Love

Foreword and note: I read somewhere that they do not post their winnings for fear of appearing to be bragging. Huh? I never thought I was bragging; but, I can see their point. My reason for doing this is to give bloggers and their giveaways a shout out and this is my way of giving additional thanks to them.

By the way, I am constantly tweeting giveaways I run across on twitter. I often do not enter giveaways because the prize is not I would use (or want) or worst yet, the giveaway had dozens of chances to win. I just do not have to time to do them all. I have seen one giveaway that had 93 entries a person could do to enter. Yes, you read that right. 93! I do not have that kind of time or bandwidth.

Anyway, I tweet all the ones I come across because I know others might be interested.