Friday, May 30, 2014

Feline Friday {One Year}

Abby Gail turned one year old around May 1st. It has been quite the adventure with her this past year. I am thankful for her every day because she is the one that made me get up every morning last summer when I was sick. She has mellowed a bit; but, she is still our holy terror. And, downright stubborn at times.


I have been trying to train her to not chew on wires especially the ones off my laptop. She would squint and flatten her ears with a "but, but, but I has to bite it" attitude knowing she is going to get thumped on the head. {It is a gentle but firm thump.} She did this for a long time the other day before finally giving up.


She is such a smart little thing. When I see that she needs to burn up some energy, I would open the toy drawer, she would come a running. I would pick her up and dump her inside. She would paw and sniff around until she finds a toy she wants. She then pick the toy up in her mouth and take off. More often than not, she takes it either into the kitchen or my room and quietly play while I putter about.


She has recently taken to climbing the Crepe Myrtle trees. Both Dan and I have long suspected she is a tree dweller and this confirms it for us both. Come to think of it, I rarely see her on the floor. She is always on the back of a chair, in her papasan chair, beside my legs or on the cat tree. I am going to have to build a super highway to keep her happy around here. That will begin in my room (studio) as I want to share the space with my cats and yet, they need places to be safe and happy.


Abby thinks this camp chair is hers. She loves the stupid thing. It is falling apart. So, I will be giving it to her when I purchase a new camp chair for myself.


  1. Happy Birthday, Abbi! My how time flies!

    She's a beautiful girl and these are gorgeous shots. I'm so glad you've had her during your dark times of not feeling well. It's amazing how animals can soothe our souls and give us a reason to get up when the chips are down.

    I was just reading recently that cats who are very playful and will toys things up in their mouths make good mousers, so if you ever have mice, you are in good shape. ;-)

    We do not have any mice that I know of. We do have gophers on the property. She can spy activity from a quite a distance. I do agree with you. I think she'd be an excellent mouser. :-)


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