Monday, June 3, 2013

Kitten Misadventures (and a Video Clip)


{To see a larger image, go here.}

The kitten was moved to the office over the weekend and is so much happier. She has plenty of room to romp around in. She no longer sleeps in the cardboard house I made her when we first found her. She now sleeps anywhere she pleases including on the windowsill. And, boy can she jump! She is also a climber.

Well, the kitten had her first misadventure this morning. I did my usual routine which is leaving her food and and then eating my own breakfast. I then went to check up on her and to give her a little of me time. When I opened the door to the office, I heard her screaming. I was like "what's wrong?". She did not appear and I could not find her. This is the huge disadvantage of being profoundly deaf as I cannot tell where sounds are coming from.

At first, I thought she somehow got herself trapped in one of the boxes underneath Dan's computer desk. So, I ripped them open one at a time and no kitten was to be found. I was beginning to panic and texted my husband.

I then decided to use Gracie, my huntress, as my pointer "dog". I let her inside the office. She immediately got a bead on the kitten and hissed. It was in a completely different area from where the boxes are and from where I thought the kitten was trapped. I went to where Gracie was looking and looked for the kitten.

Imagine my shock upon discovering the kitten inside the basket of the paper shredder! It is extremely similar to the one pictured above. I never dreamed of this happening to a kitten!

The only thing I can think of how she managed to do this was she climbed the basket itself and her own weight caused it to pop open. Once she got the top, she must of hopped inside the basket which then caused the basket to close. Nonetheless, I was very much relieved upon seeing her and rescued the poor thing. I thank God for Gracie.

The basket of the shredder is now taped shut. When Dan gets home, I am going to have him put the shredder inside one of the closets.

So, there you have it - one misadventure the kitten had so far. I am praying that no more misadventures occurs down the road of time.

Here is a little bit of cuteness to leave with you guys. It was videotaped by Dan with his iphone either last Thursday or Friday.