Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where I'm From (Writing Prompts)

I first encountered this writing assignment when a blogger shared her writing result from an assignment at a blogging convention. The blogger provided a link to the template. Within that link, was another link to a poem by George Ella Lyon, which the template (writing prompts) is based upon. I became intrigued and decided to give it a try.

I wish I had saved the original blogger's link where I first saw this writing assignment to share with you all. But, at the time, I did not know I was going to do participate in this challenge. I have since seen other bloggers share their results. So, this assignment is all over blogging land.

I first wrote using the template. I must say it is a difficult challenge. And, this is the result most people share on their blogs. However, I decided to go further and mimic the poem that the writing prompts is based upon. This required some intensive editing. I then went back and tweaked it a third time and decided to call it done. What you see below is my third and final draft AND I broke a couple rules doing this assignment. Oh well. I am a rebel like that. Ha! Enjoy.

Where I’m from template

I am from tiny batteries and hearing-aids,
from Energizer, Oticon and electricity.
I am from a house on “kissing lane”
with ghosts of sad happy memories.
I am from the Jewelweed,
the family of ‘touch-me-nots,’
an herb and a wildflower,
a jewel among the weeds.

I am from celebrations and unconditional love
from Marjorie, Viola, and Merle Sr.
I am from the penny pinchers
and the borderline hoarders,
from contracting Rubella and turning anger into laughter.
I am from Protestantism and Catholicism –
Believers in the One
who saves by Grace.

I am from flying seven flags and the Maine-iacs,
Lobster rolls and Pizzas.
From fanatical Cribbage players,
the writers,
and sentimental old fools.

I am from fragments of faded old pictures
and worn home movies in all their glory,
wondering and pondering
upon their stories,
wishing to know more with longing
for they are my history.