Monday, September 26, 2011

Pictorial Monday: Morning Glories

I was outside yesterday morning looking for a good spot to take a picture of my finished Layer Cake quilt top when I spied this:

I was extremely surprised upon seeing these Glories!

Due to the severe drought, Dan has not had to mow the backyard much. As you can see, the grass is brown. The green parts in the foreground are low lying weeds. It had rained briefly once earlier in the summer, the weeds sprouted, and then Dan mowed them down. I believe this is the only time he mowed all summer long. Because of this, in addition to the horrible heat, both Dan and I were rarely outside. I could not believe my eyes upon spying these healthy Morning Glories and had to snap a couple of pictures.

By the time I took these pictures, the sun was well up in the sky and the Morning Glories were beginning to fade. I tried to get some shots of big fat ol' Bumblebees among the flowers; but, they were too darn quick.

I have always loved Morning Glories; but; we are going to have to tear these down because they are around the meter boxes. You can see the boxes in the upper part of the first picture. If we leave them, they will be destructive and cause damage.

PS. I am so behind on processing pictures. When I took a brief glance at the unprocessed pictures, the oldest is back on July 31st! Oh my goodness! Bad ol' me. I have a feeling that since I am feeling a little poorly this morning, I will be working on some of those today.