Friday, May 25, 2012

Link Roundup

I have not been taking the time to save links to posts and articles. I mostly speed read through the blogs these days and take a few pictures here and there. My new laptop arrived extremely early the other day. (It was not due to be delivered until next week.) I now need to take the time to set it up as it is a blank slate at the moment. Maybe I will do that this afternoon.

Please y'all, have a wonderful weekend. For those of you who have Memorial Day, please be safe!

  • Cowgirl Hat Pincusion Sewing, Tutorial

  • Fear and Time
    Fear always tells you two things about time:

    1. It’s too late.

    2. Do it later.

    The first destroys you with regret.

    The second delays you with laziness.

    They’re both lies.

    Wage war against them.

    Right now is the best time to get started because it’s the only time we’re guaranteed to have.

  • Loving the Unlovable
    That’s the hard part about loving someone. Sometimes we don’t get to hear the whole song. We get to be a verse or a single lyric in someone’s journey, but the song doesn’t resolve. We watch relationships fade into the horizon, not really knowing if we’ve made a difference.

    But sometimes, in moments that are so comical you can’t help but laugh, God plays the last note right in front of you.