Friday, January 17, 2014

DIY: Farmhouse Table Finale!

This project was finished and set in its place this past Saturday (1/4/2014). I am real pleased with it and I believe Dan is too. I am champing at the bit to make the benches to go with the table. However, we have to wait until the no spend month period is over because it is not a necessity according to Dan. In the meantime, I am focusing and gardening efforts (building beds, screening and more).

These pictures were taken as the sun was setting. I should have waited until the sun was behind the hangar, errr, detached garage; but, I was so tired from a variety of things that occurred on this day that I decided to just be done with it – I am pleasantly surprised at how well these pictures came out.


  1. I'm very impressed...not only because it's such an awesome table, but because you made it all by yourself!

    I sent the link to your post to my hubby, and also the link to the plans you provided. Maybe with a few measurement revisions, this could make a great 'island' for a farmhouse kitchen. We have a nice wood kitchen table, but would love to have one like this.

    I want one!!! :-)

    Can't wait to see the benches. You have the patience of Saint, waiting until your 'no spending' is up!


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