Friday, September 3, 2010

Indiscriminate Contemplations

Indiscriminate Contemplations == Random Thoughts

I am not sure if I will continue this “random thoughts” posts as I don’t really know if people care to read about my thoughts, what I or we have done, etc., and etc. However, I will keep doing the Wordy Wednesdays, the occasional Crafty posts, and the photography stuff -- I really enjoy doing those.

Our “no spend month” is almost up. It officially ends this coming Monday, September 6th. I just realized that, in my previous “random thoughts” posts, I got the day counts wrong. Oh well, sue me. Ha! We did great this week – no unnecessary splurges or spending. Yay!

I am currently subscribed to 222 blogs via Google Reader. Holy Moly! Not all the blogs have a post every day. In fact, some are extremely sporadic. Some are comics, pictures, and/or short posts; so, very quick reads also. Many of the blogs are crafty ones. Some are Inspirational/Christian. Some are frugal. Some are photography. Some are cooking. Some are animals/pets (one is by a Veterinarian). And, yet others are authors/writers. I don’t know what else (subjects) I’m missing from this list.

We’ve been looking at houses and it’s giving me a headache. It’s been frustrating.

I’ve been sewing up some blocks for Mother’s Maxine quilt – also frustrating.

I had a headache and/or migraine for an extended period of time this week. Frustrating.

We don’t have any plans for the long holiday weekend (It is Labor Day here in USA) – also frustrating. (Dan has Monday off.)

The last day of summer is officially September 21st. Fall begins on September 22nd. That isn’t right. It should be October or November for us Texans, especially for those living in the southern part as we don’t usually get cooler weather until then. I may have to bite my words because it stormed last night bringing both rain and cooler weather. But, I am sure it’ll get hot again in a couple of days as it usually does.

I went hunting for Nifty Nine Patch blocks yesterday. There are a total of thirteen different blocks to find. The fourteenth block will be offered as a download at the end of the month. I have found all thirteen blocks and sixty-one bunnies (visited sixty-one online stores to accomplish this). Most of them bunnies are easily found – too easy.

I will need to find at least 69 more bunnies in order to qualify for the Grand Prize drawing. I haven’t decided whether I’m going to do that or not. I wouldn’t mind winning one of the grand prizes – The Perfect Caddy. I’ve been trying on and off over the years to win one. And, I just noticed that there is a new grand prize -- Accuquilt GO! Fabric Cutter. Cool! I just may have to hunt for 69 more bunnies just to qualify for this drawing.

I did win a minor prize once – a $10 gift certificates to one of the online shops. I didn’t use it. I know, shocking!

Speaking of shops, I came across one online quilt shop that has all profits going towards a Humane Society. How cool is that?

I came across Pencil Lead Sculptures and my goodness, what a time consuming work!

I also ran across Like Mom Like Dad blog which posts pictures that are either mirror images or very similar to one another. It’s amazing how much children look like their parents at the same age.

For those of you in the USA, be safe this holiday weekend and have fun. For those of you outside of USA, have a wonderful and blessed weekend.